Mark Logic User Conference 2009

Been out in CA for a few days now attending the Mark Logic 2009 User Conference, so far so good. I always enjoy immersing myself in our company culture. Here's the opening video from day 1

Note to Self

As the title implies this is more a note to myself than anything else. Apparently Howard Shore did the score for Dogma. When the angel descend at the end of the movie, you can certainly hear it, as one of the thoughts that popped into my head was. Odd this sounds very similar to LoTR...


I found a service called Diigo recently, I'll probably be hooking it up to the blog, so you may see some post relating to that in the future.

If anyone else is using Diigo send me a note, I get the feeling that I won't really appreciate the service till a few people I know are using it.

Dear Frances

Frances Sanders, whoever you are. I assume you live in Florida somewhere. That gmail address you've used to register with and PoliceLink? It's not yours....

This has been an ongoing thing, I constantly get contacted by people who think they're talking to someone else. Another Frank, or a Frances, or a Fred Sanders.

In any event, I've had the fsanders and the frank.sanders gmails since their inception. They aren't yours. I'm not sure what your email address is, but it's not that. Best of luck in your job hunt though!

Setting Up

Trying to learn a bit about drupal and setup my blog. No...seriously I mean it this ti....Shiny!

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